Monte Baldo owes its fame not only to the wealth of its nature and the singularity and variety of its flora, it is also of interest from an antropic point of view, as there are many remnants bearing witness to its past history.
Forming a long ridge it separates the Adige Valley (Val Lagarina) from Lake Garda. This chain splits up to into a succession of peaks at an average height of 2000 to 2200 metres (Cima Valdritta), giving it a crested appearance.
In the course of time various climatic changes occured , thus allowing different species of plants to establish themselves only here.
This is the reason why, many botanists in the last century, discovered some unknown species ( approx. 20) called "Baldensis" as part of their name ( Anemone Baldensis, Galium Baldense, etc).
Mount Baldo ist also known as "Hortus Europa" ( Garden of Europe).
From the large territory of Brenzone, you can enjoy a lot of walks and footpaths from the coast up the the highest peaks.
From Costabella in Prada( 1000 m) you can also get sky-lift facilities and reach the various mountain refuges.

  • Every Tuesday from April to October.
  • Meeting point: 9.30 in Magugnano di Brenzone at the supermarket „Conad“.
  • Difficulty: medium.
  • Duration: 4-6 hours.
  • Suitable sportswear ( heavy mountains shoes, raincoat), sufficient provision of food and beverages.
  • Rifugio  "FIORI  DEL BALDO"
    mt. 1910.    Tel: 045 6862477
    With bar and restaurant

  • Rifugio  "Malga Prada - ex Mondini"
    a Valvaccara (1500 m).   Tel. 045 7285728

  • Rifugio  "G. BARANA"
    (2147 m) a Cima Telegrafo.   Tel. 045 7731797
    Open from 15th June to 15th September and during the week end. With Restaurant and 50 beds.

  • Rifugio  "G. CHIEREGO"
    (1911 m) a Costabella.  Tel. 348 8916235
    Open from 15th June to 15th September.

  • Capanna  BAITA DEI FORT
    (1750 m).  Tel. 045 7400319
    Restaurant open from Easter to the end of October.

  • Rifugio  "Bocca Navene"
    (1254 m) a Bocca Navene. Tel. 045 7401794
    Open from the end of may to October. With Restaurant and 10 beds.

  • Orto Botanico "MONTE BALDO"
    Loc. Novezzina -Ferrara di M. Baldo Tel. 045 6247288 -  045 8184 711

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